Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, December 25, 2014

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Today will be a Christmas we will never forget.........Santa arrived in the middle of the night with his helper elves and left lots of gifts for us in the hospital!

 Once Mason woke up, Tom and him headed down to spend the morning with me. (The nurses were so kind in helping get it all set out to make it special for us all)
 Mason was SO excited when he opened the door.  He shooted "Oh yeah he did come!"
He wasted no time digging in.  First the stocking.......
Yup he asked Santa for a plunger.  Not sure exactly why but he was so happy and content just to have that!

 He also got a keychain lazer gun. ......between those two gifts he was 100% content! 
We did convince him to keep opening and he then opened EVERYONE'S!   He would start with the gift tag (tape and all) and then proceeded to tear open the actual package!

Taking a breakfast break while watching Curious George.  Granny made us a treat of homemade cinnamon rolls! 
I got kicked out of bed!
 Snuggling with Daddy!

Granny and Pa then joined in on the Christmas hospital fun.  They made a standing rib roast with all the fixings.  It was so so yummy!
 Of course Granny had to be apart of the plumber team.
Then it was time for round two with Granny and Pa!
Playing his new board game.....wack a mole
Then time for more cuddles.....yup there's proof that baby brother is still inside!
Building Legos with Granny
To end the night I got lotion rubbed in by this handsome man!!!!!

We hope you had a very blessed day and made special memories!

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